Malayalam Blog Dictionary

Aggregator = A software that frequently checks blogs for new content and displays the new content in a single place for easy reading.

Anjalioldlipi = Most widely used Malayalam unicode font, created by Kevin. Displays the Malayalam letters in old lipi, most satisfactorly.

Atom = A machine readable format of a blog entry.

Atomic Chillu = Chillu letters are unique to Malayalam. Earlier, chillu font characters where not considered as individual letters, instead were formed by letter+zwj+chandrakkala. In recent times, they are being assigned unique unicode points and are called Atomic Chillu

Blog = A web site with a difference where a blogger publishes posts on a regular bais as in a personal diary. Originated from the word weblog. Permits interaction between writer and reader.

Blogger = A person who blogs. Also, a blog service from Google.

Blogroll = A list of blogs.

Blogspot = Part of the domain name in a Blogger blog provided by Google.

Feed = A machine readable form of a blog entry.

Feed Reader = A computer program for reading the subscribed feeds. e.g. Google Reader.

Kartika = Default unicode font supplied with Windows. Not popular being new lipi.

Keyman = A program by Tavultesoft to create keyboard maps such as Mozhi.

Mozhi = A program for typing Malayalam using English letters. Unlike Varamozhi, direct entry into a field is possible. Doesn't permit saving the document locally. Developed by Peringodan.

Pinmozhikal = Malayalam comment aggragation system existed until June 2007. Archives.

RSS = Realy Simple Syndication. Another format for machine readable blog entries.

Thanimalayalam = A blogroll where only Malayalam blogs are listed. Based on Google's blogsearch. If a blog has sufficient Malayalam content it will automatically get listed. Developed by Evuraan.

qw_er_ty: Keyword for preventing a comment being forwarded to Pinmozhikal.

Ubuntu = Linux based cost free operating system.

Unicode = Internationally accepted format for the digital representation of languages other than that uses English letters.

Varamozhi = A program for generating Malayalam letters from English keyboard developed by Cibu C. J. More functional than Mozhi.

Wordpress = Another blog service similar to Blogger.

ZWJ = Zero-width joiner. Non-printing character used to connect two characters.

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Blogger Raj said...

kollam...nallla panithanne.
any way i want to more about how i can enter the malayalam bloggers group and haw i can contact them continuously

Aug 21, 2006, 1:38:00 AM  
Blogger Ralminov റാല്‍മിനോവ് said...

keyman is a program by tavultesoft to created keyboard maps like mozhi.
rachana has made their minscript using keyman..Please correct the entry. I had been using this soft in the win98 era to create custom keymaps.

Nov 11, 2006, 2:05:00 AM  
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